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Learning at WorkJuggle

It is that spark of recognition, the “lightbulb” moment when you learn something new. That is what we love at WorkJuggle. Nothing beats the energy of people coming together to learn and succeed. And that is what we deliver through our high impact, immersive training in professional, data and technical skills. Diversity and Inclusion is embedded in our DNA and is at the heart of all our programmes. We do not believe in the cookie cutter but instead on customising and crafting each programme for our customer to meet their unique needs. We also believe that technical and professional skills are not stand alone modules; what is the point of a data analytics course if you can’t effectively communicate what you know? Similarly how much more effective is a communication course if you are given the tools to interrogate the data? If you like this approach and wish to work with a friendly and responsive team, then please take a look at our programmes.


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Gender Pay Gap Reporting

At WorkJuggle, we are proud of the work we do and feel we play a small role in effecting change. Another effective tool of change are Ireland’s requirements for companies to report on their gender pay gap. Since 2024, it is now mandatory for all companies in Ireland with more than 150 employees to determine what their pay gap is and report on it publicly.

This can be a daunting exercise for a company to undertake. As WorkJuggle is 100% female founded and operated, we feel we are very well placed to help organisations do this. We have put together a series of videos to help educate and inform on what steps companies need to take to report on their gap. Not only can we help companies report, we have experience in helping companies take measures to reduce their gap. We have worked with many fantastic companies to deliver a variety of training programmes such as inclusive leadership, unconscious bias and inclusive recruitment practices etc.

We hope you find our video series helpful and please contact us if you’d like us to talk with you and your team.

WorkJuggle, who we are and our view
Reporting Requirements in Ireland
Why June is an important month!
Changes and measures to take
Let’s breakdown the technical terms
How we can learn from past mistakes
Change and improvement is possible

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