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Storytelling for Business

We worked with WorkJuggle to deliver a storytelling for business workshop with our lean management team. We asked for their expertise to help us disseminate our strategy to our teams across the globe so our teams would better understand our vision getting everyone behind the strategy. We found working with the WorkJuggle team to be a very collaborative experience and they brought great energy to an immersive learning experience. I would highly recommend partnering with WorkJuggle.

Austin Buchanan

Global Head of Lean , Hilti Logistics

People connect with people and their ideas on a human level. The world of work is no different and that is why it’s so important to understand how to craft a story so we can influence and inspire those who we work with. Our  interactive session looks at the rules and structure to craft a story so that we are able to deliver memorable presentations, pitch ideas effectively and work with clients and colleagues with confidence and authenticity. We think we can all agree it is time to step away from the powerpoint!

Who is this course for?

This course is for all employees in an organisation as Storytelling in Business is a skill everyone needs to help articulate their viewpoint or their business goal. It can be of particular significance to the;

  • Data analysts or anyone working with large amounts of data as they need to communicate what the data is showing to other parts of business.
  • It is also of particular importance to leadership teams who need to share a common vision for an organisation.

Learning Outcomes


Course Essentials

Start Date: To be agreed with client

Delivery: Live

Ideal no. of participants: Max 30 people

Learner Engagement: Instructor led learning facilitates each participant’s opportunity to develop a story.

Duration: Half Day / Full Day 

Format: In-person or virtual depending on your requirements


Participants will learn to curate a story intellectually and emotionally


Participants will learn to deliver an impactful case beyond facts, figures and data

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Participants can hone the art of storytelling to move beyond traditional business tools such as MS powerpoint.

Course Description

Our course explores the value of storytelling skills in a variety of workplace situations and contexts. Our well researched content talks to;

  •  The neuroscience of impactful storytelling
  •  The values and uses of storytelling for business
  •  Persuasion and Motivation
  •  Structures and rules of  storytelling
  •  Choosing your words
  •  Crafting your story

Our interactive session looks at the rules and structure to craft a story. These include keeping passion at the core, making connections, being memorable, persuasive and eliciting an emotional response in the recipient. Because when practised effectively, storytelling can be a strategic business tool which can have a powerful impact. Research shows people are much more likely to be persuaded by a compelling story. For example, it can be used to:

  • Connect people to their work
  • Persuade a data driven business case
  • Advocate for an idea in the workplace
  • Negotiate to achieve a particular outcome
  • Persuade and motivate a team/management/investors
  • Change people’s attitudes and behaviours.


Our team had a moment yesterday when we all just clicked in unison. I personally feel that that bond we made quickly and under pressure, will help us all as we progress in the coming. And we have Fergal to thank for that. He really upped everyone’s game.”

“I think Fergal and Melissa are absolute masters of their trade. It’s a 10/10 from me. They’ve ground me to the bone, but I think I’ve come out better because of it. I can’t thank you and your team enough.”

“Fergal said we’d feel like we’d been in a boxing match by the end. He was right. His fast-paced, high octane style forced us to get teams get tight at an incredibly short period of

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session, Melissa was so clear and a pleasure to listen to. I found the
session so engaging, one of the best I have had!”

.“WorkJuggle designed, developed and delivered the programme for us to our own specifications. Our input at the design and development stage was taken onboard and reflected throughout the training. The training was interactive and highly engaging. The trainers were easily able to build rapport with the participants and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I can’t recommend WorkJuggle enough.””

Maureen Brogan

HR Director, IBEC

Aoife Garvan

How Can We Help You?

Contact Aoife Garvan for further information about this course.