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Hybrid Workplace Skills Hero Image

Hybrid Workplace skills

At Zurich we want to put credible sessions to our colleagues to support their transition back to the workplace. Leading with a session for our managers and then another session for all our other colleagues, WorkJuggle delivered really practical and inspiring sessions about inclusivity, unconscious bias, and returning to a hybrid way of working.

Juile Toner

Head of Talent Acquisition & People Development, Zurich Insurance

The world of work has changed dramatically since Covid 19. Jobs which it was previously unimaginable that would take place anywhere other then the office have successfully transitioned to a home office. Hybrid working is here to stay but there is no doubt it is more complicated and requires more managerial skill then when everyone worked in an office together.

It is imperative to invest in training to ensure that manager and their staff remain productive, engaged and invested in the core values of the company. As one of the earliest proponents of flexible and remote working in Ireland we are considered thought leaders in this area.

    Who is this course for?

    This course is for the leadership team and people managers. 

    • Managing a hybrid workforce well and inclusively is a challenge for every leadership team today. There is an expectation on leadership teams to have a strong vision on how our new way of working will work. Our course is tailored to the specific demands of the leadership team.
    • People managers across every level of an organisation are now faced with the new challenge of how to manage a hybrid team on a day to day basis. This is something people managers have never received any formal training on and takes real skill as the realities on the ground can be nuanced and tricky. Our training addresses these issues with practical solutions and advice.

    Course Essentials

    Start Date: To be agreed with client

    Delivery: Live

    Ideal number of Learners:  Max 20 people

    Learner Engagement: Instructor led learning facilitates individual reflection exercises, group discussion and smaller group work in breakout rooms

    Duration: Half day 

    Format: In-person or virtual depending on your requirements


    Participants will learn how to help their teams and staff to better manage boundaries. We share the latest research and practical tips on learning how to switch on and off and the cognitive triggers necessary to make this happen.


    Participants will learn how to improve their team’s relationship currency and better communicate and network.

    Course Description

    Our course looks at Managing a Hybrid Workforce across three pillars.

    Pillar 1: Staying Connected at work

    Loneliness isn’t about being alone. It’s about not feeling connected.’’ 

    John Cacioppo, social neuroscientist 

    It is a cruel irony that we have never been more connected to one another, yet we have never felt more isolated and disconnected from one another. This was true before Covid went the extra step and physically distanced us from one another too. In our course, we look at how we can promote social interaction and camaraderie in the workplace and the science behind why it is so important.

    As studies show how high performing teams are socially engaged, we explore what practical ways can help teams stay connected and engaged on a weekly/daily basis. 

    Pillar 2: Networking in a hybrid environment 

    There are two types of currency in the workplace, the productivity currency and relationship currency. Productivity currency is the work that gets done. Research has shown this currency was high during the pandemic. Relationship currency refers to the relationships we build with our colleagues, management team and across an organisation. Relationship currency has weakened in the hybrid workplace. So in the blended workplace, how can we build a network of people who value us and how can we build self advocacy? We look at the roles of champions, mentors and sponsors to help us support and strengthen our relationship currency as well as practical advice on building rapport with our colleagues and why it is so important that we do.

    Pillar 3: Communication 

    Communication is powerful. It can help build relationships and let us do great work together. Communicating in a hybrid work environment has the potential to be fraught with challenges and misunderstandings. We look at how we can communicate in a digital and hybrid world with impact.

    Our training includes the latest research in this area and looks at case studies of companies who excel at fostering social interaction and strong communication.

    Aoife Garvan

    How Can We Help You?

    Contact Aoife Garvan for further information about this course.