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Unconscious Bias Hero Image

Unconscious Bias

“WorkJuggle delivered Unconscious Bias training for our company. The feedback has been really positive, the subject was managed sensitively and at the right depth for people. I would highly recommend WorkJuggle for bespoke training, they are responsive to needs and agile even when delivering.”

Blanaid O'Regan

Director People and Culture, SIRO

Our Unconscious Bias training addresses the biases present in the workplace that can hinder performance and negatively affect organisations. It explores how biases impact hiring, retention, and promotions. Participants gain a clear understanding of bias and the neuroscience behind it.

Our unconscious brain makes snap decisions and judgements all the time.

By bringing awareness to  the different types of biases this allows  participants to recognise and identify how they can affect a business.

What manoeuvres can be made to avoid the pitfalls of unconscious bias in the workplace.

Who is this course for?

This course is for all employees in an organisation as Unconscious Bias is something that impacts all of us. It can be of particular significance to the;

  • HR Teams and Hiring Managers.  
  • Leadership Teams.

Learning Outcomes

Course Essentials

Start Date: To be agreed with client

Delivery: Live (either in-person or virtually)

Ideal no. of participants: Max 20 people. This allows for conversation and opportunities to share experiences.

Learner Engagement: Combination of video, reading and instructor led interaction. Learner engagement facilitates the learning process.

Post Course Completion: A recommended reading and listening list will be provided after the course. This gives participants the opportunity to delve deeper into the topics and research discussed in the training.

Duration: Half day or Full day

Format: In-person or virtual depending on your requirements


At the end of the training, participants will be made aware of and be able to identify unconscious biases in the workplace.


Through a series of interactive activities and individual self-reflection, participants will learn what strategies individuals and organisations can take to minimise the negative impact of our Unconscious Bias. 


This can take the form of an action plan companies can take away and help to continue develop their Diversity & Inclusion strategy.

Course Description

Our Unconscious Bias training looks at the biases we all bring to the workplace. While Unconscious Bias is inherent in everyone and perfectly natural, it can hinder performance across a company and negatively impact an organisation.

Unconscious Biases can for example influence who we hire, why someone may stay or leave an organisation and even determine who is promoted or not promoted. Tackling our Unconscious Bias is necessary to level the playing field and improve business performance.

We help participants to  gain a clear understanding of what bias is, and how the bias circuit operates in the brain. We explore the inputs in society that embed biassed thinking in our unconscious. Participants become aware of the impact that even a little bias can have on an individual’s career trajectory.

We at WorkJuggle pride ourselves with delivering content combines the latest voices in Unconscious Bias and is backed by the very latest research in this area. 

This programme allows time for interactive activities, individual self-reflection, videos and individual reading. This makes our sessions highly engaging and thought provoking.

As part of the engagement process, we ask participants to engage in light pre-work. Similarly, we share additional resources post training. While our style is informal and fun, we are adept at facilitating conversations among colleagues in a light hearted way with significant impact.


WorkJuggle delivered an engaging, immersive and interactive session that helped us raise awareness of and understand Unconscious Bias, explore its many dimensions, how it permeates much of what we do and to recognise its link to effective decision making.

From the onset Ciara demonstrated an ability to work closely with my colleagues and me to understand our needs as a business and to develop a customized session!

As a result our attendees left with an understanding of how powerful the mind is, how many of our thoughts are unconscious, that we may have biases that we are not aware of and how inclusion can be a benefit to business, valuing the strength different people bring to the team.

Tara O'Rourke

Head of Brand Marketing, Coca Cola HBC

“The interactivity and the energy of the instructor. The open conversation was excellent too. It
made me think beyond the programmed, indoctrinated standards I wasn’t even aware of.”

“I thought Melissa was great, she dealt with a difficult topic with enthusiasm and openness,
which helped discussions flow. I found the whole session very interesting.”

“The training was really great – I could have spent an entire day at it!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session, Melissa was so clear and a pleasure to listen to. I found the
session so engaging, one of the best I have had!”

Aoife Garvan

How Can We Help You?

Contact Aoife Garvan for further information about this course.