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Professional Skills

“If I can answer in a sentence, my biggest takeaway is the Professional skills as well as technical skills. Through this program I technically upskilled a lot. If I talk about professional skills its a lot it start from believe in me, understanding my strengths, how to do a virtual presentation, written communication, CV preparation…. its a long list.”

How does innovation happen? What makes a high-performing team? How is it possible to realise ambitious goals? Very often, the secret ingredient is intangible, fluid and frustratingly fleeting.

Because very often the answer is in how we communicate with each other; our colleagues and customers. It is how we learn to relate to one another. It is in our ability to get along.

And these skills can be in short supply or more likely laying dormant and untapped in an organisation. These skills are sometimes called professional skills, soft skills but most accurately power skills. Because it is these power skills that help individuals, teams, and organisations to really thrive.

Indeed in our increasingly data-driven and fragmented working world, it is more important than ever to learn not only how to decipher data but to articulate the data through a story. Telling a good story is a fundamental part of being human. And the Irish are world-renowned for our ability to tell a good tale.

At WorkJuggle, we have spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours working with people to help them better serve themselves in the workplace. Our immersive learning experiences are delivered online or in person. Our charismatic trainers are very skilled and adept at creating an energising learning environment and feedback from our participants speaks for itself.

We have a portfolio of power skill courses. Our courses address the challenges of communicating in our hybrid workplaces as well as developing a professional presence in-person and virtually. In addition to this as an early voice in the area of diversity and inclusion, we also help organisations recruit inclusively and address their gender pay gap through our courses in Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership programmes.

These competencies, such as collaborative problem-solving, creativity, innovation and
emotional intelligence are the currency that will enable participants to make sense of the complex changes in the workplace and to participate as change agents and innovators, rather than merely as passengers. The competencies developed are essential for the participant’s personal and professional development, allowing them to develop their individual confidence and agency to apply them in the workplace.

“The career guidance offered by WorkJuggle is absolutely excellent. It really made me realise the importance of speaking up about what I want out of my career. Joanne is brilliant and really knows what she’s talking about.”

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