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Gender Pay Gap

 Gender Pay Gap and Mandatory Pay Gap Reporting Requirements

Gender Pay Gap reporting is now mandatory for all companies in Ireland with over 150 employees. This includes companies in both the public and private sectors. In 2025, this will extend to include all companies with over 50 employees.

By the end of 2024, all companies with  more than 150 employees will need to produce and publish a report on their gender pay gap. This will be an annual ongoing requirement whereby companies must publish their report on their website in December of every year.

The report will showcase the hourly difference between genders across a range of metrics. There is also a requirement for companies to report on progress made year on year.

While mandatory, this is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavour and a company’s report will give greater insight and transparency to it’s employees, shareholders and customers. Once a company educates themselves on their gender pay gap (if there is one), there are a number of options open to companies to narrow the gap.

How WorkJuggle can help you?

Gender Pay Gap:

What you need to do

New in 2024: Companies with employees of 150+ need to report their gender pay gap.

Deadline: December 2024

Where: The report needs to be published on the company website.

Who: All public and private companies.



WorkJuggle, who we are and our view
 Reporting Requirements in Ireland
Why June is an important month!
Changes and measures to take
Let’s breakdown the technical terms
How we can learn from past mistakes
Change and improvement is possible

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Working with a member of your HR team, we can coordinate and analyse your data. This will allow us to produce a report that will determine your gender pay gap, should there be one.

Strategies your organisation can take to reduce a gap

We pride ourselves on customising our learning experience so they are specific to every organisation’s unique needs. In close partnership with your management team, we can deliver Unconscious Bias, Inclusive Leadership and Female Leadership programmes for your teams. We can also deliver expert training for your HR team looking at the employee experience from recruitment right through to promotion and retention.



It is in this spirit that we work with dozens of companies to help take practical, actionable steps to reduce the gap. This is important from the annual reporting requirement but also for a company’s morale as well as from a talent branding, recruitment and retention perspective.

We work with companies to deliver training on Unconscious Bias, Inclusive Leadership and Female Leadership Programmes. Our training is always bespoke so we can address the specific needs of the company. Our training can be company wide, at leadership level or solely for the HR team. We can look at a company’s gender pay gap through the lens of the employee’s experience. This begins with the recruitment funnel, progression inat the company all the way to the exit interview feedback.


“WorkJuggle designed, developed and delivered the programme for us to our own specifications. Our input at the design and development stage was taken onboard and reflected throughout the training. The training was interactive and highly engaging. The trainers were easily able to build rapport with the participants and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I can’t recommend WorkJuggle enough.”

Maureen Brogan

Director of HR , Ibec

“WorkJuggle was great! I really enjoyed the experience and really loved the time you gave to us to talk at the start of each session and all of the activities throughout.”

Fascinating subject matter, expertly presented. Melissa has a particular and engaging charm.
Something magical I think.

“The interactivity and the energy of the instructor. The open conversation was excellent too.
It made me think beyond the programmed, indoctrinated standards I wasn’t even aware of.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session, Melissa was so clear and a pleasure to listen to. I found the
session so engaging, one of the best I have had!”

Aoife Garvan

How Can We Help You?

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