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Inclusive Recruitment

“Work Juggle were able to customise the content specifically to the needs of our business and engagement was really effective. The leadership team came away from the sessions determined to create a more inclusive work environment that will improve retention and positively impact business performance.”

Jill Higgins

Group Head of CSR and Sustainability, Dawn Meats

Who is this course for?

This course is open to all HR teams and hiring managers across an organisation.
Investing in inclusive recruitment training is not just the right thing to do; it’s a strategic move that can drive innovation, enhance your brand, and contribute to a more equitable society.

    Learning Outcomes

    Course Essentials

    Start Date: To be agreed with client

    Delivery: Live

    Ideal no. of participants: Max 15 people. This allows scope for participants to discuss sensitive topics in a small group setting.

    Learner Engagement: Instructor led learning facilitates discussion, consideration and problem solving opportunities.

    Duration: Half day or full day depending on requirements

    Format: In-person or virtual.

     An in-depth understanding of the types of unconscious bias we have and their impact on the recruitment process.

     Be better able to manage one’s own bias at the selection, interviewing and decision-making phases.

     An awareness of the power of assumption, association and preference.

    Understand the power of language and its impact

    An appreciation of what drives ideas of cultural “fit” within an organisation.

    Participants learn how to apply practical tools to design person specifcation and selection criteria that are fair and clear, avoiding adverse impact.

    Course Description

    Over the course of the day, we consider and discuss all aspects related to inclusive recruitment
    • Define the Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion.
    • Unconscious Bias.
    • The legal context & effective recruitment preparation to reach the widest talent pool.
    • How to apply Inclusive Language to the Recruitment & Selection process with particular focus on gender.
    •  Sifting and shortlisting candidates fairly and without bias.
    • Implement Diversity & Inclusion techniques into current systems.


    Inclusive recruitment is an essential skill for managers. An ability to recruit and select talent in an inclusive way has a direct impact on quality and diversity of talent. We look at the complete recruitment cycle and review and discuss the opportunities and pitfalls which might affect decision-making at each stage. We look for example at the role language can play at the attraction, selection and interview stages.

    Our session ends with a facilitation of practical actionable points which all participants can leave with and manage as part of their role in the recruitment process. Ideally participants will state what they will do differently as a result of this training. Recognising the different learning styles of training participants, we provide summary notes and personal reflection questions to allow for later consideration and assimilation of learning.



    WorkJuggle delivered an engaging, immersive and interactive session that helped us raise awareness of and understand Unconscious Bias, explore its many dimensions, how it permeates much of what we do and to recognise its link to effective decision making.

    Tara O'Rourke

    Head of Brand Marketing, Coca Cola HBC

    “Thoroughly enjoyed the session and feel invigorated and excited by changes ahead . Special call out to Barry too – absolute star.”

    “Really engaging, insightful training. Thank you!”

    “Barry and Ciara were great, answered all questions that we had and really made us think outside the box about how we can improve recruitment at Axa.”

    “Ciara has a fabulous style and made the day really enjoyable.”

    Aoife Garvan

    How Can We Help You?

    Contact Aoife Garvan for further information about this course.