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Professional Presence Hero Image

Professional Presence

“Great ideas don’t actually just appear to us in the shower. The more we inspire them and seed them with knowledge of the people we serve, the more likely they will turn out to be great ideas.”

Fergal Brophy

Entrepreneurial Specialist at UCD Innovation Academy

Our Professional Presence is about showing up in a way that has positive impact, particularly in those high impact moments. It might surprise you to learn that our professional presence is less about control and command and much more about influence. Our presence is a quality that is unique to us and that we carry into a room. But it’s not about pretending, there are skills and signals we can develop to help us strengthen our presence both in the virtual and in-person work environments.

Who is this course for?

This course is open to all employees as developing our professional presence is a skill everyone benefits from everyone.

We regularly deliver Professional Presence training to:

  • Graduates
  • Returners
  • Aspiring managers and management teams

Course Essentials

Start Date: To be agreed with client

Delivery: Live

Ideal no. of participants: Max 20 people

Learner Engagement: Instructor led learning facilitates the opportunity to put into practice the learnings on the day

Duration: Course can be a half day or full day depending on client needs

Format: Virtual or in-person. (If in-person, opportunity is provided to practise virtual presentation skills and presence)

Learning Outcomes


Acquire strong verbal communication skills. Through learning how to articulate thoughts clearly and framework messages, participants will curate compelling story arcs with their audience at the centre


Understand the importance of non-verbal communication. We will guide participants on the art of active listening and how to use appropriate body language. We will look at the power of gestures and facial expressions to convey confidence and professionalism


Develop the skills necessary to demonstrate presence with credibility and influence. Whether it is with or withour authority, we look at the signals and social cues to help make an impact.

Course Description

Our course looks at three signals to take action on to strengthen your professional presence. They include;

  • Your gravitas  – How you carry yourself and how you behave
  • Your communication – What you say and how your delivery matters
  • Your appearance  – The importance of personal branding and the concept of silent messaging through your style.

Our course includes practical strategies to help develop your presentation skills.

Presenting as a Team

Virtual Considerations


“The interactivity and the energy of the instructor. The open conversation was excellent too. It

“I thought Melissa was great, she dealt with a difficult topic with enthusiasm and openness,
which helped discussions flow. I found the whole session very interesting.”

“The training was really great – I could have spent an entire day at it!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session, Melissa was so clear and a pleasure to listen to. I found the
session so engaging, one of the best I have had!”

Aoife Garvan

How Can We Help You?

Contact Aoife Garvan for further information about this course.