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Data Literacy

We work with customers to develop bespoke programmes which combine cutting-edge technology and data training, with leadership skills and sector knowledge. 

Are you ready to arm your people with the best data and insights to power your business forward? Our approach is to recognise that Data Literacy is not just about attending a training session. It is about instilling a culture of curiosity where individuals can learn relevant and impactful skills. 

We aim to empower learners to thrive in their roles and be responsible data citizens. Diversity & Inclusion is a powerful thread running through all our programmes. Our Data Literacy programme ensures that your team stays ahead of the curve and that data upskilling creates lasting impact. 

The core principles underpinning our Data Literacy Programme

  • Engaging & Interactive 
  • Empowers people for real life success
  • Diversity & Inclusion driven 
  • Data Led 

Who is this course for?

WorkJuggle’s Data Literacy programme can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals, including managers, as it helps them make informed decisions based on data insights. Whilst managers can benefit from data literacy training, it is not limited to managers alone. A Data Literacy programme is also valuable to the following cohorts: 

  • Managers and Executives: Our programme can provide managers and executives with the necessary skills to understand and interpret data, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. This includes understanding key data concepts, analysing data, and effectively communicating insights to their teams and stakeholders.
  • Business Professionals: Professionals from various functional areas, such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, and Sales, can benefit from Data Literacy training. It equips them with the ability to use data to identify trends, optimise processes, measure performance, and support decision-making within their respective domains.
  • Non-technical Professionals: Many non-technical professionals who work with data on a regular basis, such as project managers, consultants, and policymakers, can benefit from our Data Literacy programme. It helps them gain a foundational understanding of data concepts and tools, enabling them to better interact with technical teams and understand data-driven insights.

The specific content and level of complexity in WorkJuggle’s Data Literacy program can be tailored to the needs and backgrounds of your target audience. It can be designed to accommodate learners with varying degrees of prior knowledge and technical expertise to ensure its accessibility and effectiveness.


Course Essentials

Start Date: To be agreed with client

Delivery: Live

Ideal no. of participants: Max 20 people

Learner Engagement: Instructor led learning

Duration: 2 Days 

Format: In-person or virtual depending on your requirements

Learning Outcomes

Understanding Data Concepts

Learners will develop a foundational understanding of key data concepts, such as data types, data sources, data quality, data analysis, and data visualisation

Data-Driven Decision Making

Learners will learn how to leverage data to make informed decisions. They will understand the role of data in problem-solving, planning, and strategy development across different domains and industries

Data Communication and Collaboration

Learners will gain skills in effectively communicating data insights to diverse audiences. They will learn how to present data findings in a clear, concise, and compelling manner

Data Visualistaion

Learners will learn how to effectively visualize data using charts, graphs, and other visual representations. They will understand the principles of visual encoding, design, and storytelling to communicate insights from data visually.

Data Interpretation and Critical Thinking

Learners will develop the ability to interpret and draw meaningful conclusions from data. They will learn to think critically and ask relevant questions to uncover insights, evaluate data sources, and assess the validity of findings

Ethical Considerations

Learners will understand the ethical implications of working with data, including issues related to privacy, security, bias, and fairness. They will learn how to handle data responsibly and adhere to ethical standards when analysing and sharing data

Course Description

Prior to the programme commencing WorkJuggle evaluates your organisation’s Data Literacy maturity. We evaluate and monitor it through three lenses:

  • Business
  • People 
  • Culture 

The results of the assessment will be woven through the programme’s custom design for your organisation. 

At the end of this 2-day Data Literacy Programme for Managers, participants will have a strong understanding of Data Literacy concepts and practical skills to leverage data effectively in their managerial decision-making processes. They will be equipped to navigate the data landscape, foster a data-driven culture, and drive business success through informed decision-making.

“The interactivity and the energy of the instructor. The open conversation was excellent too. It
made me think beyond the programmed, indoctrinated standards I wasn’t even aware of.”

“I thought Melissa was great, she dealt with a difficult topic with enthusiasm and openness,

“The training was really great – I could have spent an entire day at it!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session, Melissa was so clear and a pleasure to listen to. I found the
session so engaging, one of the best I have had!”

Aoife Garvan

How Can We Help You?

Contact Aoife Garvan for further information about this course.