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Female Leadership Programme

We found the team at WorkJuggle to be collaborative and helpful. They customized their work to meet the demands specific to our business. The quality of the report was excellent and we found the experience to be more of a partnership that empowered us to drive our strategy forward. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and I would have no hesitation in recommending them as partners in any company’s diversity & inclusion initiatives.

Jenny Maher

HR Manager Flogas

Who is this course for?

  • Women working in Leadership positions.
  • Emerging female managers.
  • High potential performers and early stage managers.

Course Essentials

Start Date: To be agreed with client

Delivery: Live

Ideal no. of participants: Between 10-12 women.

Learner Engagement: Instructor led learning facilitates brainstorming and presentation.

Duration: This Female Leadership programme is four days and is best delivered  two days per month over two months.

Format: In-person or virtual.

Course Description

This highly interactive, engaging programme will enable participants to accelerate their  leadership journey. The programme will focus on embracing leadership, finding your voice and explain how to proactively manage your career.

Each participant will leave with a personalised action plan for their career & a strong understanding of how to make their career journey a success. The programme includes a personality profiling questionnaire  which will give participants feedback on their individual strengths across a set of key leadership elements and provide insight into their leadership style, what motivates them and how they impact and influence others.


Content Includes

Embrace your leadership style

Finding your Voice

Strategy and vision for your area/career

Building the team and getting the best from others

Personal performance and managing the performance of others

Influencing and communication skills

How to build a powerful network you can trust

How to find mentors & sponsors who will help you fulfill your potential.

We encourage all participants to take the Personality Profiling. This is very popular as it is a highly effective tool in helping participants understand their personal style and how that impacts those around them at all levels of the organisation, not just subordinates but peers and managers as well. It is the first step in understanding how your personality and experiences shape your management style and communication skills.



Day 1 – Where am I now?

The objective of the first day is to bring the group together and start creating a high trust environment. It is designed to enable the participants to self-reflect on their careers to date. Are they the right fit for their current role? What is holding them back from progressing further? The day focuses on self-awareness, understanding weaknesses and exploring if those weaknesses are perceived or real as well as understanding possible gender differences and the importance of impression management.

Day 2 – Personal and Authentic Leadership

Day two takes us into the area of personal reflection, self-awareness and renewed confidence to lead authentically. Participants begin to identify their unique Leadership ‘Personality’, through the language of Values and Strengths and learn how to influence and shape their style to become the leaders they wish to be. We will touch on the fundamentals of positive leadership as a strategy for personal and collective success. We also ask what it means to be a female leader in a company today? Who are our roles models in this space?

Day 3 – Communication and Influencing without authority

We discuss the importance of communications, influencing, building the team, getting the best from others, networking, how to maintain a visible social media profile and why it can be a powerful tool for women in particular. This will be balanced in the afternoon by a discussion on the value of deep work and how to become indispensable in your organisation without burning yourself out.

Day 4 – Organisational Culture and Politics

Day four embraces the larger context of culture, change, organisational behaviour and politics in which the participants are operating. We discuss the role of mentors and sponsors. We wrap up the day discussing organisational politics and how to cope when things do not go according to plan



“WorkJuggle was great! I really enjoyed the experience and really loved the time you gave to us to talk at the start of each session and all of the activities throughout.”

“It was a pleasure working with Work Juggle, as I said before, I feel like I’ve been trained on all the skills I need to have a meaningful career, so thank you again for taking the time to help us become the best version of ourselves that we can be!”

“The interactivity and the energy of the instructor. The open conversation was excellent too. It made me think beyond the programmed, indoctrinated standards I wasn’t even aware of.”

“The course delivery and content was excellent. I cannot believe the amount of content that was covered today, and the amount I’ve absorbed (considering it’s the end of the week). Really great content, suitably pitched, and well presented.”

Aoife Garvan

How Can We Help You?

Contact Aoife Garvan for further information about this Female Leadership Programme.